Drug Rehab | Drug Rehabilitation CenterDrug Rehab | Drug Rehabilitation Center

Drug Rehab | Drug Rehabilitation Center

The brain is damaged by alcohol and drugs. NTR is the process in which the brain's neurotransmitters are brought back into balance, allowing the brain to function as it did prior to the physical dependency on alcohol or drugs. NTR repairs that damage quickly, comfortably and effectively by using naturally occurring amino acids and minerals to saturate the brain with healing nutrients. This causes the body's cells to shift into "repair mode", shortening the physical healing process to mere days instead of the weeks, months or even years it takes using other methods while minimizing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Drug Rehab | Drug Rehabilitation Center

We at Synergy Drug Rehabilitation Center offer cutting-edge treatment by blending clinical and holistic methods. We treat the mind, body and spirit pairing the finest Western medicine available and Eastern holistic healing traditions within a 12-step methodology. This prepares our clients for long-term Drug Rehab, allowing our program to excel where others fail.

It takes courage, guidance and structure to become clean and sober. World-class clinical staff at Synergy Drug Rehabilitation Center offers daily individual attention to get to the heart of the problem, deal with the wreckage and build the framework for a new sobriety-based life. The goal is not just to get sober, but to create a rich, new life in sobriety...one you truly love. Sobriety means being happy while being sober and we can show you how!

Synergy Drug Rehabilitation Center Is What You Have Been Waiting For!

  • Incredible Southern California Location
  • Private Counseling & Wellness Center
  • Medically-Monitored Detox
  • Exclusive NTR Amino Acid Detox
  • Licensed Medical Doctor
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Certified Addiction Drug Rehab Treatment Counselors
  • Holistic Treatment including Massage
  • Acupuncturist Licensed in Herbal Medicine
  • 2 to 1 Client to Staff Ratio
  • 100 Years Combined Experience Treating Addiction in Drug Rehab
  • Court Liaison Works With Your Lawyer
  • Primary and Extended Treatment Up to 6 Months

Drug Rehab | Depression Treatment

Drug Rehab | Drug Rehabilitation Center

Drug Rehab | Drug Rehabilitation Center

Private Treatment Center

Drug Rehab | Drug Rehabilitation Center

Beautiful Residential Homes

Drug Rehab | Drug Rehabilitation Center

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- Synergy Drug Rehabilitation Center understands the total effect of addiction on every level - from the addicted person themselves to the families that have been suffering for years due to the addictive behaviors.

- Synergy Drug Rehabilitation Center understands that physiologically, the body responds differently to different types of drugs and all of them have a dramatic effect on mood. Along with addiction, we treat anxiety, depression, mood de-stabilization, self-esteem issues, lack of self worth, codependency, trauma, and PTSD.

- Synergy Drug Rehabilitation Center allows you or your loved one to be in a top-quality treatment setting while working individually with the highest level addiction treatment specialists, including on-staff Therapists (MFT), and Drug & Alcohol Counselors (CATC, CADC).

- Synergy Treatment uses a whole body, holistic approach when it comes to drug and alcohol treatment/dual diagnosis. We believe in treating the whole person, mind and body, at the same time for true success in recovery.

- Synergy Drug Rehabilitation Center delivers a compassionate staff that loves what they do. Our staff members have chosen this path in life with the desire to give your loved one the highest level of care that they need.  Our staff has a deep knowledge of you and your loved one’s life, struggle and future hurdles; they understand and will help with the journey of recovery.

- Open Door Recovery. Any person that comes to Synergy Drug Rehabilitation Center will be a part of the open door recovery plan.  Even after their time here ends, any client that completes our program with success is welcome to sit in on a group session or talk to a counselor to help them seek solutions to new or ongoing issues in life.

This is simply the most comfortable and effective Drug Rehab program available.


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