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NTR is the most advanced brain restoration detox process in the world.  Synergy is the premier treatment program of its kind in the United States. Using this exclusive Neurotransmission™ Restoration Treatment System (NTR™)* plus our comprehensive approach to mind, body and spirit renewal, you will have:

  • Substantially reduced withdrawal symptoms
  • Decreased or eliminated drug cravings
  • Restoration of mental clarity
  • Essential tools to stay clean and sober

NTR™ speeds up the physiologic brain recovery process to a mere 10 days instead of the weeks, months or even years it can take to repair cell damage caused by alcohol or drug use. NTR™ uses naturally occurring amino acids, minerals and buffers intravenously to saturate the body with nutrients, stimulating the body’s cells to shift into “repair mode”. Drug-damaged brain cell surface receptors quickly return back towards normal.

It feels as if the amino acid solution were coating the brains' receptor sites with a cool, wet blanket; substantially reducing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. For example the alcohol withdrawal process bears very little resemblance to the typical shakes or even delirium tremens (DTs) seen in severe alcoholics. Others drug withdrawals are similarly impacted in a positive way. The result is a much more comfortable withdrawal with a quicker return to mental clarity. You are ready to begin accepting and processing information much faster than with a traditional medical detox withdrawal that can leave you with a foggy residue for weeks after the drugs are our of your system.

Addiction is a 3-part disease, with medical (brain), emotional, and spiritual components. To treat it successfully, all three aspects MUST be addressed. It is not sufficient to treat only one or two of these components. Therefore, the NTR™ Treatment System is best viewed as a great way to begin the process. We call it a Jump Start Into Recovery. The key benefits of NTR™ are reduction or elimination of drug cravings, speedier return of normal brain function (cognition), and a less difficult and unpleasant detoxification process (elimination of drugs and alcohol from the system). It prepares the newly-recovering addict with a drug-free brain that not only is free of mind-altering addictive substances, but has healed much further than traditional (so-called “medical”) detoxification processes.

During the administration of the amino acids, you'll relax in a comfortable residential home with 24-hour care, nutritious meals, cable and high-speed Internet access. As you become more alert, generally within just a few days, Synergy will bring you in to begin the full treatment process. You'll receive one-on-one counseling, educational materials and the benefit of group processing dependent upon your level of physical comfort and individual needs.

This compact treatment program is by no means a complete solution to a successful recovery, but it is a solid jump-start. You'll no longer be physically addicted. We will then dove-tail into your continuing program the psychological support necessary for long-term success in recovery.

Once the NTR detox process is complete you will start your recovery program weeks or months ahead of other treatment protocols. 

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